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Parish Council – March minutes now on site. W.I. AGM details on their page. Marjorie McDonald will be selling the Potatoes (£1) to grow and Buckets (£4) (returnable deposit) for the Belford Show At the Bell View Plant Sale on Saturday 18th May

Andrew with his plant stall at the Community Market this Saturday. You can now hire this tent/gazebo for barbecues or garden parties etc. from the Community group for £25 a day. Contact the Community group for details.

The Belford Community Group have kindly agreed to let Reg and I have some stalls at the Community Market on Saturday Ist June. This is so people can raise money for their own groups/ schools/projects/ businesses/ charities be it selling books or goods, white elephant etc. You can bring your own table or we will provide one. All we ask is a donation of at least £1.00 (One pound) to the Fireworks fund. If we sell 10 tables that’s a rocket! People who have been paying a donation to the Community Group should please continue to do so. Eventually when we make enough money these donations will be given to the Community Group too.

This is very much a trial run and we are restricting the numbers so this is on a first come first served basis. It will be advertised in the village newsletter, website and papers so we are expecting a big turn out.

If you would like to book a space please get back to me or Reg ASAP letting us know if you need a table or you intend to bring your own.


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The community minibus has arrived. We are now looking for drivers. If you are a member of an organisation within the village we would invite you to put forward the name of someone who could act as your driver. We will pay for the training and each driver will be officially MIDAS (minibus driver awareness scheme) qualified.
Any other people are welcome to train as general community drivers. It is important that we have a reasonable number of drivers as we cannot prevail upon the same few people every time. If possible, each organisation should put forward the name of, and use its own driver.
You need to meet the criteria for driving a 17 seater minibus. Please check below. Details of hiring the bus will be published as soon as we have a list of qualified drivers.
Please print out and fill in the slip below if you are prepared to be trained as a driver. You must have a current clean driving licence. Eric will contact you to let you know when and where the training will be.

MIDAS Training Criteria

  1. If you passed your car driving test before 1997, you are licenced to drive a minibus. Check that you have the correct entitlement on your licence:
    On older-style licences: Groups A, E.
    On newer-style licences: D1 (restriction 1 or 101, not for hire or reward).
  2. If you passed your car driving test after 1 January 1997, you must meet all of the following conditions:
    Aged 21 or over.
    Have held a full licence (category B) for 2 years.
    You will be driving on a voluntary basis.
    The minibus is used for social purposes. In practice this means you need to operate under a Small Bus Permit (Minibus Permit).
    The minibus has a maximum weight of no more than 3.5 tonnes (or 4.25 tonnes where a minibus has a passenger lift or ramp). This may mean volunteers cannot drive the larger, heavier minibuses.
    No trailer can be towed.
    Minibus (MIDAS) Training Application

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Due to popular demand the old Fun Run via Newlands West Lodge and South Road route will be back this year with people being able to sponosr themselves for charities etc. Keep an eye out for details.


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Last but by no means least, the Belford community would like to give a warm welcome to a new resident May Sakr who has just recently moved to the Village. May’s pride and joy is indoor gardening and having spent over a decade refining her indoor plant growing techniques, rumour has it that she  has become quite the expert. So if anybody needs advice with regards to the best way to growing those beef tomatoes(!) indoors or has their own ideas for getting better outcomes when growing indoors, then she is more than happy to hear from you. May also runs her own indoor gardening website where she gives her opinion on some of the best lighting for indoor growing, indoor growing tents, and other paraphernalia needed to be a successful indoor gardener. Welcome May!

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